Fill your trolley with all the fresh food and products you need at Carrefour hypermarket. Located close to Parking 3, you’ll find everything you could want for your weekly shop.

Find delicious ingredients for your mid-week family meals at the hypermarket. If you’re cooking a fancy dish or hosting a dinner party for business contacts, you’ll find all the bits you need. You’re sure to impress your guests with the quality of the fresh meat and fish you serve. Carrefour also has a bakery counter too, perfect if you have a sweet tooth or need some fresh bread for that soup course. Look out for the Carrefour sale and pick up a bargain. There are household goods and gadgets galore. Upgrade your mobile phone, music system, or TV while you're here. Be sure to check out Carrefour's electronics department and compare their prices. Fancy a new washing machine or fridge freezer? Keep your eyes open for Carrefour's weekly promotions. You'll save money on household expenses and have enough left over to buy bargain outfits for you and your family. 

Whatever your household needs, a visit to the hypermarket is a must. Find more information about the Carrefour hypermarket here and plan your next trip.
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