Fashion - Unisex

Fashionable, modern and affordable clothing suitable for men and women is simple to find at City Centre Alexandria. There's plenty of gender-neutral apparel here, including chic fashion pieces for both men and women of all ages. All our stores here won't break the bank. 

Browse the aisles of Levi's, Timberland or Zara for an on-trend pair of jeans and update your wardrobe with a few pieces of unisex clothing. Perfect for the weekend or your next trip away. If you prefer the casual sports look, head to Defacto, Gant or American Eagle. Their clothes are sure to suit your lifestyle. You won't need to compromise on style. There's a great selection of attractive unisex clothing to suit every modern shopper. Be it chinos, polo shirts, sportswear or shorts; you'll find them all here. If you're buying for the whole family, then LC Waikiki is a great start. Browse their outfits for a new unisex look. For high value and trendy genderless fashion, look no further than H&M, Bershka and Max. 

Whatever your taste, there's a clothing store for both men and women here for you at City Centre Alexandria. Search for your favourite clothing store and plan your next visit to the mall today.
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