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The company was founded by Hans Davidts in 1989. It started with the menswear collection CLAUDIo CAMPIONE and
was followed, in 1993, with the market launch of Lisa CAMPtONE.

The range structure of both collections were improved, over the years, by optimising the quality of goods on offer. The focussing was brought to perfection by carefully selecting our target groups.

The market driven collection development of the collection, guarantees a profitability in the sales area, and an above average productivity.
Trading partners are, largely, the independent retailers and those department stores, who can ensure an independent product presentation.
As well as a multi label placing, our focus lies in our management of shop-in-shops and other in-house sales areas. ln Germany the CAMPIONE products are offered in more than 200 shop-in-shops and stand alone areas.

Abroad the number of shops and stand-alone areas already comes over 100.
In spring 2008 CAMPIONE opened the first mono stores with large trading partners in Poland and the CIS.
LISA CAMPIONE and CLAUDIO CAMPIONE are represented in more than 20 countries within Europe, Asia, Australia, China and North America.
More than 2.500 customers are now serviced worldwide.

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