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VOX Cinemas

  • Located on Ground Floor
  • Nearest parking A
  • OPENING HOURS : 10:00 A.M – 12:00 midnight
OPENING HOURS : 10:00 A.M – 12:00 midnight
VOX Cinemas was introduced in the year 2000 to the Middle East and has since become the most innovative and customer-focused cinema experience in the region. VOX Cinemas is owned and operated by Majid Al-Futtaim Cinemas, which is the cinema arm of the wider Majid Al-Futtaim Ventures group of businesses.
With 263 screens currently across the region, including the 14 locations in the UAE, 11 in Oman and 1 in Beirut and 2 in Egypt, VOX Cinemas has screened over 5,000 films to 50 million customers over the past 15 years with an estimated footfall of 6.5 million visitors in 2014.
VOX is presenting 7 Screens at City Centre Alexandria, 1 of which is MAX and the others are standard.